Focus & Success-Driven Marketing

Focus and Success-Driven Marketing

Marketing is one of the most talked-about topics in the business world. Whether online or offline, businesses are more concerned how to make more sales, after all, there wouldn’t be a business if you cannot sale your product or services. One of the key ways you can use to achieve tremendous success with your marketing effort in 2017 is through focus and Success-driven marketing. This type of marketing is all about stating your objective and […]

Attraction Marketing

How To Build Leads and Make Massive Sales with Attraction Marketing

What exactly is attraction marketing strategy? You have heard it before but you are not sure what it is. Well, don’t worry, in this article, we will let you know what attraction marketing is all about, how to incorporate it and secret formula to use it in taking your business to the next level. You can be making consistent 6-figure income when you learn how to apply attraction marketing.  Are you ready for it? Running […]

Entrepreneur Mindset

How To Develop the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

The state of your mind is pretty much the major difference between those that achieve success and those that did not. Your thinking patterns largely govern the results you achieve in life. As an employee, the thought of starting your own company or business and employing others to work for you could be very tempting. If others can do it, so do you. However, it will take different mindset to achieve the success achieved by […]

Why Self-Awareness is So Important for Personal Growth

It’s New Year, have you considered making changes in your life especially in the area of personal growth? Now is another great opportunity to make the much-desired changes in your life. The changes you need start with self awareness which is the foundation of growth and success. Self-awareness is the “keystone” to emotional intelligence. Self awareness is so important that almost every personal development coach will recommend spending time to discover about the inner work […]

Bitcoin Money

Why You Should Join Crypto Currency Mega Trend and Make Money With Bitcoins

According to a report by two payments analysts SK Prasad Borra and James Schneider, at the Goldman Sachs research division, Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin are part of technology megatrend that could fundamentally change the way we transact online. The report released in 2015 showed the tremendous growth of crypto currencies. It also suggests that Bitcoin undoubtedly has the potential to disrupt the $1.2 trillion dollar global payment industry. The truth is that Bitcoin, along with other […]

About Me


John Martens


I am John Martens a husband to a wonderful loving wife, and Father of 2 beautiful teenage daughters.

My passion is to provide for my family and provide value and inspiration to as many aspiring entrepreneurs as I can.

Accomplishing that makes me happy knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of people who deserve it.

I am creating Self Awareness in myself and hopefully hand that off to others to fulfill the hope and dreams they have.

As the saying goes, “if you help enough others get what they long for, then you in turn will attract the same.”

So let’s connect and make a difference making this world a better place for all that seek it!

I am helping people become empowered and enlighten their understand, to unveil their true purpose and potential, so they can come to realize their dreams as a living reality!

The key to great success is, and always has been, contained in the principle of “leverage.” It is your ability to leverage your talents and skills like a multiplication sign through other people that enables you to accomplish extraordinary things in a short period of time.

When you leverage yourself on the path of least resistance. It is then you will find yourself climbing to greater successes then you could have even dreamed about.

When one sets a goal or goals whether it is in business, or just life in general, you have a sense of purpose.

I am fortunate enough to say that making money online is a “dream come true”, and I want to help as many people find success with me, and the key to that lies in providing value.

Here is a quote I wrote that applies to making your dreams a living reality.

“Visualize and believe on the there and then as though they already are. And focus your mind to make it a reality.”

~Success is a “feel good” achievement~

~John Martens

John Martens